According to the American Masters Foundation, Texas artist, Larry Dyke is one of the “best known landscape artists in the United States of America”.  His trademark is the Bible verse that titles or subtitles each of his paintings.

This personal collection of Larry Dyke’s lithograph limited edition, signed and numbered, prints were purchased from 1979 through 1990.  In this collection all signed and numbered prints are numbered 415.  Many, but not all of Mr Dyke’s paintings, were inspired by the diverse and stunning Texas landscape.

Some digital images on this site are cropped.  The full photo of the print is available upon request.  Prints have never been framed.  They have always been stored in our home in a print-drawer cabinet in the original sleeves from the publisher.  Our care has preserved the rich, original colors and condition of each print.

Prints featured on this website are for sale individually or as a collection.

We have over 80 Larry Dyke prints for sale.  If you don’t see the print you are looking for, or have any questions, please contact us.  All offers considered.