Majestic Cascade, 1 Chron 29:11 by Larry Dyke

Majestic Cascade

1 Chronicles 29:11

by Larry Dyke


Texas artist, Larry Dyke, is well-known for landscapes of Texas as well as capturing the natural beauty found across the United States of America. As a devout Christian Mr Dyke adds a heavenly interpretation to each of his paintings with a Bible verse.

Print Details:

Title:  Majestic Cascade,  1 Chronicles 29:11
Artist:  Larry Dyke
Description:  Cascading waterfall from majestic mountain. Signed and numbered, limited edition lithograph

Image Size:  31 x 24 3/4

Numbered:  415
Edition Size:  1250
Price:  $449
Shipping Options:
No international shipping.
Flat Shipping:  $48
ships in 5 – 7 days plus transit time
No additional shipping fee for additional prints.

Contact for local delivery options.

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